Former Salesman Gets Probation for Role in Lower Southampton Corruption Probe | Newtown News of Interest |

A former outdoor sign salesman will serve probation for lying to federal investigators about intended bribe payments that former Lower Southampton public officials sought in exchange for promises of a favorable outcome for an electronic billboard proposal.


U.S. District Court Judge Gene E.K. Pratter sentenced Robert DeGoria, 39, of Hamilton, New Jersey, to two years of probation and $3,100 in fines and fees last week. DeGoria, who pleaded guilty last year to one count of false statement, had faced a potential sentence of up to six months in prison.


His sentence is slightly less than the 30 months of probation and $5,000 fine that Pratter gave former Lower Southampton solicitor Michael J. Savona, who also pleaded guilty to lying to federal authorities about his knowledge of a $10,000 proposed bribe former public officials sought from DeGoria. Savona also must complete 150 hours of community service.