Newtown Township Board of Supervisors Approves a Single Fire Chief for NESD Career & NFA Volunteer Firefighters & Reduces Funding for Volunteers | Newtown News of Interest |

Newtown Township Fire Chief Glenn Forsyth will officially take over as chief of the all volunteer Newtown Fire Association effective Jan. 1, 2021 under a bylaws change approved by the board of supervisors on October 29.


“This is a huge step for the Newtown Emergency Services and the Newtown Fire Association,” said Forsyth, the chief of the paid Newtown Emergency Services department. “It’s the first step in bringing our two departments together as one.”


It’s also in keeping with a fire study commissioned by the township in 2018, which recommended moving to a single fire chief who would oversee both the paid full time staff at the Newtown Emergency Services department (Station 55) and the volunteers with the Newtown Fire Association (Station 55).


The resignation of NFA Chief Matt Gerhard at the NFA’s October meeting opened the door to the change in bylaws, which is pending the approval of the NFA membership at its November meeting.


“Matt is taking a leave of absence only as the Chief. We’re not letting him out the door,” said Forsyth.


If the change is approved by the NFA membership, a new organizational chart will be put into place in which Forsyth will now officially oversee both organizations. A deputy chief will be added to the association’s chain of command and two battalion chiefs would be added, one at Station 55 and one at Station 45. Both would report to Forsyth.