An Expert's Critique of the JMZO 5G Wireless Ordinance | Newtown News of Interest |

On May 23, 2022, representatives of Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology hosted a Zoom meeting with Andrew Campanelli, Esq., who is a national expert in telecommunications law. Mr. Campanelli reviewed the current version of the JMZO Wireless/5G Antenna Ordinance and summarized several problems including a “fatal gap” that renders the entirety of the ordinance moot!

Mr. Campanelli also discussed other “gaps” such as protections against excessive limits of radiation, random testing provisions, effective notices to the public, and ADA compliance issues. 

“Our biggest concern,” said a representative of Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology, “is we have been continuously told we have limited options to 5G being placed in our community. We do understand and appreciate the immense amount of work everyone has done on this ordinance, but it seems many communities in Pennsylvania have overlooked critical information that could have positioned them in the best possible scenario to protect themselves.”


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