At the January 4, 2024, hearing before the #NewtownPA Zoning Board, Kathleen Donovan, owner of Barks County Dog Grooming testified in defense of her application for a variance to allow the operation of a dog grooming business located in a townhouse unit in Newtown Crossing where such use is not permitted as a Home Occupation or Accessory Office (H-1 use).


Ms. Donovan testified that the Home Occupation or Accessory Office shall not constitute a possible nuisance to neighbors because of noise levels, odors, significantly increased traffic, extra lights and or night activity, the production or storage of hazardous products and by-products, or the keeping of dangerous animals.

Several residents also spoke in favor of the application and it should be noted that the Board of Supervisors did not oppose this application.


In the end, the Zoning Board granted approval of the variance as long as Ms. Donovan is the owner of the property.


Listen to the owner plea her case before the ZHB...