Robots are making us better storytellers | Medien – Unterrichtsideen |
Sharing emotion-driven narratives that resonate with other people is something humans are quite good at. We’ve been sitting around campfires telling stories for tens of thousands of years, and we still do it. One reason why is because it’s an effective way to communicate: We remember stories.

But what makes for good storytelling?

Mark Magellan, a writer and designer at IDEO U, puts it this way: “To tell a story that someone will remember, it helps to understand his or her needs. The art of storytelling requires creativity, critical-thinking skills, self-awareness, and empathy.”

All those traits are fundamentally human, but as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more commonplace, even experts whose jobs depend on them possessing those traits — people like Magellan — foresee it playing a bigger role in what they do.

Via John Evans