Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing Webinar | iBB |

Global competitive pressures are currently forcing companies to innovate in order to succeed in the future. One of the major challenges is to accelerate process development and reduce manufacturing costs, enhancing flexibility and product quality. A key to address these challenges includes a move into a continuous and integrated bioprocessing. If you want to learn more about integrated continuous biomanufacturing don´t loose the Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing Webinar (June 9, 2021), which is organized by Engineering Conferences International (ECI). The webinar is co-chaired by Jason Walther (Sanofi), Ana Azevedo (BERG-iBB) and Rohini Deshpande (Amgen), and features Charles L Cooney (MIT), Veena Warikoo (Roche), Veronique Chotteau (KTH) and Neil Soice (Amgen) as speakers. Learn more about this exciting and high-level scientific gathering here!