Probiotic Therapeutics for Candidiasis | iBB |
The project "LactoCan – Fostering the development of new probiotic therapeutic approaches for the treatment of candidiasis exploring the Candida-lactobacilii interference" has been recommended for funding by FCT (2017 Call for SR&TD Project Grants). The goal of LactoCan is to foster the development of new anti-Candida therapies by exploring the intimate, but yet unexplored, interference that exists in vivo between several lactobacilli species that compose the human mycobiome and that are known to play a role in modulating the overgrowth of pathogens, including of Candida spp. The project, which falls within the scientific area of Biological Sciences, is headed by Nuno Mira from BSRG-iBB and involves national/international collaborations with the University of Minho, with INRIA and with the University of Antwerpen.