Nuno Bourbon Awarded First Prize in the Competition “Science Communication in Microbiology” Promoted by SPM | iBB |

Nuno Bourbon, PhD student from the BIOTECnico doctoral programme at iBB-BSRG, was awarded 1st place in the “GENERAL” category of the competition “Science Communication in Microbiology”, promoted by the Portuguese Society of Microbiology (SPM) to commemorate the International Microorganism Day 2019. The competition seeks to encourage and facilitate the communication of relevant microbiology topics to the general public in a concise and attractive fashion by asking contestants to summarise the topic in an image which, if selected, is to be published in an eBook accompanied by a short explanatory description. His entry, entitled “Microbiology of beer”, provides an overview of the main yeast and bacterium species used in brewing and how different volatile compounds arising from their metabolism can impact the flavour and aroma of this alcoholic beverage.