7 Ways to Develop Employees into Digital Storytellers to Boost Their Skills AND Your Company’s Resources | MarketingHits | Scoop.it
One creative and immediately available way to develop your staff outside the training classroom and “outside the box” is to turn them into what I call...

What a great article that's also a quick read. Here the author gives 6 creative ideas for how employees can capture stories within your organization to keep a constant stream of stories coming in.

This is what I call 'sustainable storytelling.' A ton of focus these days is on crafting and sharing your biz stories for marketing, branding, sales, etc.  Read some articles, take some workshops, and you are all set.

But what is mostly ignored is how to imbed storytelling as a core competence within your business. For storytelling and story sharing to be a core competence, there must be processes and structures in place to bring you a constant stream of stories to listen to, craft, and share.

This article has some great ideas -- and they sound like fun, too. I hope this gets you thinking about different ways to continue to capture stories for your organization!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz