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Customize Windows 8 Boot Menu & Permanently Enable Advanced Startup

Customize Windows 8 Boot Menu & Permanently Enable Advanced Startup | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Windows 8 has received many cosmetic changes from top to bottom, and that includes the boot menu. Now called the Advanced Startup Options menu, it uses GUI elements instead of the legacy mode found in prior versions of Windows. How you enter the Startup menu has also been changed in Windows 8, as you can no longer hit F8 immediately after the initial BIOS screen to access it. Microsoft has shrunk the time between the process of invoking the bootstrap loader and POST, and the only way to enter the menu now is from within PC Settings. This can, however, create various issues. For instance, if your Windows installation gets corrupted and you can’t log in, you’d be left in the dust without access to the Startup menu. If you want to get rid of this annoyance, Boot UI Tuner is what you’re looking for. This small highly useful tool allows you to permanently enable the advanced boot menu, making it appear every time you power up your machine.

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