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Introducing Launch Center Pro for iPhone And iPad
Launch Center Pro as the name suggests, minimizes your time by creating shortcuts of the applications that you mostly use. For instance, instead of opening messaging app and typing the number and typing the text, you can simply set the configuration in the launch center app and in a single tap you can directly send the message. Similarly in a single tap you can take photos and then send upload them on instagram. Apart from socializing, surfing the web is made easier to. Instead of launching safari and then searching on Google, you can simply type in what you would like to search in launch center pro, you'll get the results instantly.

Launch Center pro is a smart application that can be integrated well with any app or function in your iPhone. There are over 200 functrions that can are integrated with this app and the best part is you can keep adding functions. This application will definately have an impact on your time if you are quite a power iPhone user. Launch center pro is the successor of Launch center with many new improvements. Apart from the list of apps that have been mentioned below, launch center also works with any application that has a valid url scheme.

Launch center Pro Functions : 

Call your Mom  Message a friend  Email your boss  Search Twitter using Tweetbot  Create a new item in Omnifocus  Search Yelp for nearby coffee shops Fire up Instagram’s camera, instantly Jump right to your favorite website Use the iPhone as a flashlight

iTunes Description
It’s like speed dial, but for more than just phone calls! Launch Center Pro creates lightning quick shortcuts to specific features burried deep within apps. Call a loved one, message a friend, launch Instagram’s camera to quickly snap a pic, tweet, or turn your iPhone into a flashlight. Launch Center Pro gets you to where you’re going faster than ever before!

“Launch Center Pro is an app of verbs. Search. Shoot. Call. Text. Add... With a simple tap-and-slide, you can launch apps, perform actions and more... It's so simple and fast that before long your muscle memory takes over and you don't even have to look. ” —Dave Caolo - TUAW

Launch Center Pro was released on 21 June and so far it has already received 4 star rating from over 255 users. There has not been even a single negative feedback that the application received. Reviews basically mentioned the ease of access and super quick access to applications and minimizing the time taken for tasks. One user has simply said Get this now. Based on the reviews and experience, if you are a power iPhone user and spend a lot of time in social networks you can save a lot of time