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Time to reroll? Second Wind: World of Warcraft

Time to reroll? Second Wind: World of Warcraft | Online Gaming For The Win |
When I originally started playing World of Warcraft, things were different. Priests were still waiting on their first big class patch. Regular mounts required level 40; most players couldn't afford the 100ish gold fee without a loan from their guild. Epic mounts were so prohibitively expensive as to be considered rare. Raids required the dedication and skill of 40 players, and only a couple of guilds per realm actually even bothered to run high-end content. WoW was, as they say, srs bsns.
Guillaume Decugis's insight:
Like Mike Foster, I'm a retired wow-player who gave up somewhere in Cataclysm after having felt the thrills of challenging Arthas - first miserably and finally with some long-awaited success. His post is a nicely-written defense of Myst of Pandaria and made me want to play again.
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