Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age | UDL and Student-Centered Learning | UDL - Universal Design for Learning |

A new publication, Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age, from the Students at the Center was recently released that focuses on creating an "ecology of learning"  where new student-centered pathways can benefit ALL students with the use of digital technologies. UDL can be the framework fto make that happen.


"David H. Rose and Jenna W. Gravel consider how advances in teaching technologies enable new curricular designs that offer exciting ways to create classrooms that are student centered.


Given the myriad ways students differ, how can educators determine the essential components of curricula that use new technologies to support student-centered approaches to learning—for all students, not just a few? Universal design for learning is a promising framework for doing that. UDL provides a structure and guidelines for making decisions about instructional designs that meet the challenge of diversity. Many options are built into UDL, based on research and practice from multiple domains within the learning sciences—education, developmental psychology, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience."