Board to introduce teaching of indigenous African languages | The New Age Online | Metaglossia: The Translation World |

Zandisile Luphahla

Since the world will be celebrating International Mother Tongue Day today, the Northern Cape Pan African South African Language Board will take cognizance of the efforts made by the Department of Basic Education to introduce the teaching of indigenous African languages at schools.

The board’s provincial manager, Boichoko Moremi, said their focus was mainly on previously marginalised indigenous African languages.

“Hence we will be visiting schools in the Galeshewe township in the morning that are teaching Sesotho, isiXhosa and Setswana for poetry, African literature, reading and motivation sessions on Mother Tongue Day and the importance of our languages.

“The relevance to Mother Tongue Day celebrations provincially would be a platform to also share with stakeholders the statistics South Africa 2011 census results on the language spread and profile in the province,” he said.