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Pencil by FiftyThree: the 21st century da Vinci's paintbrush?

Pencil by FiftyThree: the 21st century da Vinci's paintbrush? | Gadgets I lust for |
Pencil by FiftyThree is a revolutionary stylus for touch-screen devices. Use Pencil with Paper for iPad to express your ideas beautifully and easily.
Guillaume Decugis's insight:

I've used Paper by 53 to doodle and it grew on me. I now try to draw when I travel or have spare time (not too often unfortunately...). Have to say styluses are highly recommended for iPad painting - even though Steve Jobs mocked them when launching the iPad and made clear the device wouldn't need any.

Will try this out!

Emeric Nectoux's comment, January 18, 3:26 AM
Same here! Still using my Bamboo (which I like a lot though) but I'm still hesitating between this one (53), the Procreate or anything else that could match my wishes/needs... Most important criteria to me is of course having only one pen for most of my different usages... Not one pen by App. ;)
David Villalobos's curator insight, February 5, 11:17 PM

After watching the video and looking at the specs for this stylus, i have to say i'm pretty impressed by how it looks alone. I have been using my Bamboo tablet and stylus for about a year and a half and its great and all but it doesn't feel natural to me. The stylus just doesn't feel like it was designed for an artist. This stylus, on the other hand, seems like it was designed just for me and thats something to be excited about  since it is JUST a stylus. I've been meaning to buy a new tablet+stylus so maybe i'll check this out.

Antoine de Kerviler's curator insight, March 6, 9:49 AM

absolutely awesome looking pen, too bad it will only work (with all features) on paper53 which I use only infrequently.

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