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Gartner surveyed over 200 marketers from U.S.-based companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue, across six industries, to understand how they are allocating their budgets and which activities are contributing to their success.


Top findings...


Finding No. 1: 10.4% of 2012 Revenue Was Spent on Marketing, and Budgets Will Increase 6% in 2013Finding No. 2: Digital Marketing Spending Averages 2.5% of Company RevenueFinding No. 3: Digital Advertising Accounts for 12.5% of Digital Marketing BudgetsFinding No. 4: 41% of Marketers Say That Savings From Digital Marketing Are ReinvestedFinding No. 5: Up to 50% of Digital Marketing Activities Are OutsourcedFinding No. 6: 70% of Companies Surveyed Have a Chief Marketing Technologist — 80% of Them Report to MarketingFinding No. 7: The Top 3 Digital Marketing Activities Key to Marketing's Success — Corporate Website, Social Marketing and Digital Advertising
Via CYDigital, Kirby Wadsworth