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In Against the World, Against Life, his biography of the writer, the French novelist Michel Houellebecq ascribes Lovecraft's racism to his relatively wealthy New England upbringing suddenly bumping up against two years of rougher living in multicultural New York. But fellow writer Nicole Cushing refuses to accept the oft-trotted out excuse that Lovecraft, born in 1890, was merely "a man of his time". She says Lovecraft seems "obsessed with the theme of white supremacy, taking opportunities to shoehorn it into stories even when it's totally unnecessary".


So why do we continue to fete Lovecraft instead of burying him quietly away? US author Elizabeth Bear, accepting that Lovecraft's views are "revolting", posits this answer: "Because authors are read, beloved, and remembered, not for what they do wrong, but for what they do right, and what Lovecraft does right is so incredibly effective. He's a master of mood, of sweeping blasted vistas of despair and the bone-soaking cold of space. He has at his command a worldview that the average human being, drunk on our own species-wide egocentrism, finds compelling for its sheer contrariness."