AngularJs web app with Google Cloud Storage backend service | ydn-db |

The purpose of this web application is to collect user unit test result and do simple exploratory analysis and display them into tables. This app use AngularJs single page web application framework. App data is persisted in Google Cloud Storage (GCS) service. GCS service is similar to Amazon AWS S3 service and used same REST XML API format.

This web application has two parts. The first part is data collection. It is essentially running a qunit test and result are put to GCS service. The GCS bucket ydn-test-report-2 accept anonymous write request from selected origins.

The second part is angular js app, which query and fetch unit test results from GCS and display the results.

Angular JS application has four primary modules, 1) Controller 2) Directive 3) Filter and 4) Services. Each of them are essentially a singleton instance providing function that angular understand.

Via Jan Hesse