A Gathering of Flowers: Content Curation History in Other Words | Writing about Life in the digital age | Scoop.it
Most people believe content curation is a relatively recent, Internet-born trend, generated by the constantly increasing amount of unverified information available online.

The general belief is that “content curation” is a content marketing tactic, designed to provide value to the reader and to save time and writing effort to the author/publisher. Such curation, according to most articles you find online, consists of searching and gathering already published content on a specific topic and to organize it together into a reading list, an anthology or a compilation.
In reality, the key elements of an editorial curation practice (finding, gathering, organizing/arranging, value adding, sharing) have a long history and have been utilized by man since thousands of years, to preserve, organize, uncover and highlight valuable poetry, philosophical ideas as well as historical and artistic works.

Historically, the need for curating content, appears to have arisen as a solution to two key needs:
1) to preserve valuable work before it would disappear
2) to facilitate the discovery and appreciation of valuable literary works, for future generations....

Via Jeff Domansky