3 Situations Where Leaders Should Keep Their Mouths Shut | Writing about Life in the digital age | Scoop.it

Being a leader can be a daunting task. Everyone on the team expects you to know the answer, and rarely can you go an entire day without having to make a critical decision. The toughest part is learning when to speak up, and when you to delegate to someone else. Finding the perfect balance is one of the toughest parts of leadership.


For most first-time leaders, it seems that the default is to make a decision even if you don't know the answer. Unfortunately, when leaders approach the problem this way, it can lead to serious consequences. From my own experience, I've learned one of the most important parts of being a great leader is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Below, I'll highlight three situations where as the leader you should not speak up, but shut up instead. Use these tips to keep your sanity, hold your team together, and be an effective leader.

Via The Learning Factor