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Education in our time - need or not?

Education in our time - need or not? | Writer | Scoop.it

Education in our time - need or not? Education is an essential part of our lives. For almost all types of developments, including social, personal, financial, and cultural, education plays a crucial role. However, in this age where there are advanced gadgets and new techniques, is the education provided in college really required? In a world where people are dying of hunger, and there are disasters all around, is it essential to invest your time and money in education?

The value of education

Despite the introduction of advanced gadgets, new technologies and online help, education is one of the most crucial aspects of building a personality. The wisdom that one gains can be of great importance not only to the person him-/herself but to the entire nation. One might have to go through numerous challenges in life, and a lot of decisions will require a proper thought and analysis so that there are no adverse consequences later on. Education is not only for children and college-going students. It is for every human being who wants to look after their family properly and help the nation in moving forward. There are multiple free essays online that will tell you how one can achieve better health, employment and success in life by gaining knowledge that studies provide.

Current education trend

The current educational system involves a lot of assignments and essays that students have to complete to get good grades. These are beneficial for students in multiple ways. If you are planning to do it yourself, you will gain a lot of knowledge on a particular topic. However, even if you plan to get your assignment done from a professional writing service such as Edusson (https://samples.edusson.com/), there are a lot of benefits too. There are several points that you will learn, and these will help you in writing your next essay. If you do the assignment yourself, you will be able to do it for free, and by opting for a professional writer, you will be well-aware of the points where you can make an error. With this current trend, students end up learning multiple topics in a single task. 

How to make education interesting and easy?

The process of learning was much simpler when we were in kindergarten, and there was barely anything to study. It was all about learning in a fun and fascinating way. Here are a few ways in which you can make the process a lot more fun for students.

#1 Working together

Most of the activities are enjoyable when we do them in a group. When there are a number of people to perform a single task, there are more ideas, and it is a lot more fun. This is a cooperative knowledge approach where students can retain more expertise and for a longer time when they do it with like-minded people. This also helps in building their thinking skills and communicating with other people. 

#2 Hands-on activities 

Students who are asked to carry out different activities for the process of learning grab a better hold of things. This will keep them engaged in the task and will help them to memorize the concepts for a longer time. Moreover, if you provide them with a few examples, they will have a clear path, which a lot of students will prefer.

#3 Customize the lessons 

Consider breaking down a long lesson into various sub-parts. This will help students in developing more interest in the topic, and they will be able to memorize everything with much more ease. If there is a small batch of people, you can customize your lessons and explain to them the topic in a manner that is most preferred. You can also give regular breaks in between to help students keep their mind fresh. Education is a crucial aspect of everyone's life. Be it rich or poor, everyone should go through the process of learning new and thrilling things. However, college is not the only place where you study. One can learn even at home or at any other location. What matters is your wish and the understanding of how important it is.
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Scooped by Tom Redklif

5 ways to write better work

       College life and studying could be made much easier if all students were simply naturally talented for essay writing — those amazing assignments that can have an impact on final grades in general. However, some of us just have to work harder to gain those extra skills that will make our preterm tasks and assignments much less of a nightmare than they are usually. 

Feeling hopeless? Don’t hesitate to look for help! 

       Having amazing grades is what all students are striving for. Most of them are rather bad at essay or research paper writing, and a lot of them turn to the internet to find out how to write an essay. However, what most of them aren’t aware of is the very fact that you cannot gain certain writing skills just by reading an endless list of tips on how to be better at completing any tasks assigned. There are many websites that offer online help to students in need so visiting websites like Homework market and Study bay in order to look for help might be the best idea especially if you look for the best essay writing sites reviews ( https://paidpaper.net/ ) that can truly give you some constructive pieces of advice on how to write an essay efficiently. Striving for objectivity and some critical thinking should be a goal to seek because you can ask your fellow peers to check your essays, but how sure are you that they will be honest? Most likely, they will put little white lies here and there in order to avoid hurting your feelings. Therefore, keep in mind that you need an objective pair of eyes and possibly someone who is knowledgeable about that certain subject. What you can do is look for forums online on that certain subject, and you are most likely to find a lot of people discussing it and sharing their learning and points of view. If you can’t find anyone online, remember that you can always turn to your professor and have a chat with him or her during the office hours. 

Start with an outline 

       The introduction is always the most difficult part since absolutely even those most talented writers out there struggle with how to write an essay that will not only be satisfactory, but that will make your professor amazed with your writing skills. What you must do in order to complete the task successfully is to dedicate a significant amount of time to write an outline. This is a step a lot of people seem to skip or even neglect to acknowledge its existence in the writing process, and that’s exactly what makes them feel lost and stuck in the middle without knowing how to write an essay at all. Therefore, ensure that you have enough time to create an insightful outline about what you really want your essay to include. Organize paragraphs logically, and you will have no issues while writing. This will make you feel less stressed, and it will also be an opportunity to look for information and facts you might need and explore them thoroughly. 

Use reliable sources 

       A lot of professors out there talk about the issue of sources at college. Students are most likely to take a shortcut in their essay writing process, and they would just take any information they find online seriously. However, just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s true and reliable. Therefore, even if you find certain facts that might be useful for your project online, make sure you validate it in books as well. There are many websites and online libraries that you can use to check your sources. What’s even great, most colleges now have online access to their electronic sources, which makes doing research almost a piece of cake. 

Pay attention to the language you use 

       Believe it or not, college professors are not only interested in how you explored the subject of your assignment. They are also interested in your language skills. There is nothing worse than being a college student and not being able to use grammatical points and punctuation properly. One of the first pieces of advice on how to write an essay and a great one should be linked to using the active voice much more than the passive one. Additionally, be very careful with how you use commas throughout your essay. What’s more, you should also pay attention to the word choice. Every language has a lot of synonyms, but they cannot all be used in the same way and within the same contexts. Choosing wrong words can make the writing task at hand be less comprehensible, and the arguments used can seem rather weak.
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