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TV producer Loewe demoed a series of AV advancements at IFA, such as a sensational clear concept TV and a 3D home theater system

Known as the Loewe Band three dimensional, the system features all over sound reproduction without any conventional 'sweetspot', therefore multichannel audio is actually constant all over the room.

This is achieved with brand new satellite loudspeakers that immediate seem each down, upwards as well as on to a cone providing you with the wraparound effect.

The benefit is the fact that speaker placement diminishes crucial towards the performance from the system, so customers possess the flexibility to put the actual wireless stereo speakers exactly where convenient in their space.

Configuration choices include three.one, five.one as well as 7.1, while the calibration microphone comes along with each Loewe Orchestra 3D package that enables users in order to profile their own desired space instantly to make sure optimum audio quality.

Loewe Orchestra 3D will be available to Loewe Reference TV owners within several weeks based on the company, and can soon be available as a standalone home cinema setup in a 'real life' price bracket. Complete specs and precise UK release day are not yet been confirmed.

Via Ashish Aggarwal