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Note:you must be logged in as Administrator to use the msconfig utility.

msconfig is a handy little utility that you can use in Windows XP to troubleshoot startup problems/errors and make changes to your boot files and startup paramaters when your boot process hangs or you just get errors during boot up!
If your PC hangs while booting restart your PC then after a few seconds you will see your computer logo(HP,Dell,etc) after that hit the f8 key repeatedly until you see a "Windows Advanced Options Menu".Choose Safe will then see alot of text on the screen.This is normal.Once your in safe mode click the start menu, then run, then type "msconfig" without the quotes.If you can boot your PC just click the start menu, then run, then type "msconfig" without the quotes.
Once your in msconfig you'll see Figure A

and it defaults to a tab called general which has three radio buttons:Normal Startup(which is the default startup setting),Diagnostic Startup,and selectitive startup.Diagnostic Startup does exactly what it says, it loads the minimal drivers for your system to boot.For instance if you have the latest and greatest graphics card,that graphics cards SVGA mode driver will not be loaded at next boot.A basic VGA driver will be loaded instead.Next is Selective startup.From Selective mode, you can choose a variety of ways in which to boot your Windows XP PC.If you uncheck one of the options under this button you have alot more control in how windows XP loads it Apps and services.for example if you think one of the programs that launches on startup is misbehaving you can uncheck "load startup items" to prevent those items from starting up at system boot!

In part 2, I will show you how to narrow down and zero in on the application or service that is at the root of your problem.Until then Cheers and good Teching!