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Weird Health Issues
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Natural Ways To Induce Labor - Walnut Hill: Dallas OBGYN, Gynecologist & Obstetrics for 40+ Years

Natural Ways To Induce Labor - Walnut Hill: Dallas OBGYN, Gynecologist & Obstetrics for 40+ Years | Weird Health Issues |
A large number of women have their pregnancy continue after the expected due date. This is not always the case but some women opt to look for different methods to put them into labor. Just as there are several ways to get pregnant, there are several ways to go into labor. However, a midwife or a doctor should be consulted before one starts to research these methods. Pregnant women must allow their pregnancy to surpass 37 weeks before trying to go into labor because prior to this time period, a baby still needs to develop and receive the benefits of still being in the womb.

Making the Choice to Have Naturally Induced Labor
Once the woman’s midwife or doctor decides that the pregnancy has extended for too long or where there is an emergency, labor can be medically induced. However, many women rather have their pregnancy naturally induced than through any medical inducement. Any course of inducement should be thoroughly discussed with the doctor or midwife.

The Most Natural Way to Induce Labor is Having Sex
Sex is a great option to naturally induce labor even though it can be difficult for some women in the third trimester. However, frequent intercourse can aid in bringing on labor because having an orgasm aids in the contraction of the uterus. While sex is helpful, too much prior to wanting or needing to go into labor, will bring about premature labor.

Stimulating the Nipples can Induce Labor
Stimulating a woman’s nipples by gently rubbing or sucking them is a simple and easy way to induce labor. This touching of the nipples releases oxytocin, a hormone that aids in bringing on contractions. This is another simple and natural method to bring a woman into labor.

Walking as a Labor Inducer
Taking an easy stroll is a great and easy way to bring on labor. This does not need to be a long and tiring walk; an easy stroll in the park or in the neighborhood helps the fetus to settle itself in preparation for its exit from the womb. While a woman is standing upright, the fetus lays pressure onto her cervix and this in turn gives off oxytocin which encourages the labor. Walking is considered very healthy for most pregnant women and is a simple way to encourage labor.

Labor Acupressure
Acupuncture and acupressure are similar, but acupuncture involves needles. Acupressure, on the other hand, is considered to be a light massage that is performed with the thumbs and the hands. Pressure points are located on the woman’s body and in an overdue pregnancy, these points would be the ones that can bring labor. Acupressure can be applied by the baby’s father or the midwife.

Other Options to Bring on Labor
Walking, labor acupressure, having sex and nipple stimulation are several successful methods that women use to induce labor. Pregnant women can also try birthing balls, blowing up balloons or eating curry and other spicy foods. Crying may also be an option for some women.
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What Causes Rash On Ankles?

Most everyone will have a rash on ankles during their lives.The rash on ankles is usually nothing to be concerned with and can heal by itself or it could be can indicator of a more dangerous issue. Rash on ankles can be the result of many factors and we will take a look at a few of them in this article.


The Usual Causes of Rash on Ankles

Though rash on the ankles is annoying, it commonly is a result of a response to something and will go away by itself in a few days. When the rash doe snot seem to go away after several days, you are urged to get medical attention right away especially if its followed by a fever or rapid breathing.


If you happened to be outside under the sun and also experienced a sunburn you may have a nonhazardous ankle rash. Be certain to keep your ankles guarded from the sunlight until the break outs clear up. In addition, you may want to care for the rash with something like aloe or some other type of topical ointment cream. If you happened to be doing laps in a pool and experienced a rash on legs, you may have brushed against a jellyfish or ocean lice. These rashes will clear up by themselves and in the event that they are extremely intense, will not require medical attention.


Dangerous Rash On Ankles

An even more serious ankle rash can occur with regard to a person suffering from diabetes. Neglected blood sugar levels could lead to a decrease in blood flow to the lower leg. When this condition becomes more intense, it can result in the foot needing to be removed. For this reason many diabetics will wear specific socks which do not put an excessive amount pressure around the ankle area.


An ankle rash is often the sign of a further serious medical condition such as an auto-immune illness. A majority of these rashes can also be a result of varicose veins or bacterial infections. Intense skin irritations which not resolve can also be indications of malignant cells like melanoma or microbial meningitis. For this reason, it is best to see a health care provider if the rash will not go away after a few days. Its also wise to obtain medical attention if the rash seems to be worse or begins extending to different parts of the body.


Additional Rash On Ankles Causes

Rash on ankles can also be the result of chicken pox or scabies. Each of these problems call for a visit to a health care provider. A few people will have rash on ankles after they have come in contact whit poison ivy or poison oak. Though these conditions are not a serious threat, they should be treated with creams and ointments. Resist the temptation to scratch so you will not spread the bacteria. The rash may also be caused by eating specific foods like dairy or seafood. The rashes caused by food will likely heal themselves. You will have to find the foods that cause the rash by experimenting.


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Useful Tips for Tender Breast - FC2

Useful Tips for Tender Breast - FC2 | Weird Health Issues |
Breast tenderness, to a certain extent, menstruation, pregnancy, breast feeding is the most common. This is a short time, occupied with some uneasiness, but may soon subsides. Some women may have experienced severe ...
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For more helpful information, visit Lawter and Associates at:

For more helpful information, visit Lawter and Associates at: | Weird Health Issues |

Can Weed Smoking Kill You?


Can you die from smoking weed? This question has been asked millions of times by Google and Yahoo web surfers over the last few years as the debate over marijuana legalization heats up.


Is marijuana a dangerous and addictive drug or is it a harmless plant that helps make life bearable for people with cancer, glaucoma and chronic pain? Why are there so many people in prison for a victimless crime while at the same time multiple states openly allow marijuana dispensaries for medical use and New York is considering decriminalizing possession of less than one ounce of pot?


Can You Overdose From Smoking Weed?

You cannot overdose on marijuana like you can with cocaine, heroin and PCP. Extensive research has shown that even under extreme conditions a person cannot expire from ingesting too much THC (the active chemical in the hemp plant). Speed smokers have found that despite inhaling large amounts of high-grade marijuana smoke in a short period of time the effects remain the same: hunger, euphoria, drowsiness and a slowed sense of time.


Can Smoking Weed Cause Long-Term Health Problems?

Some people contend that smoking marijuana is detrimental to one's health long-term. Marijuana has been shown to increase smokers' blood pressure readings but this appears to be the case for only a short period of time after the smoke has been inhaled.


Others have said that psychological issues, such as schizophrenia, could be caused by regular marijuana use but more recent research has shown that individuals with those preexisting disorders are simply more likely to get high on pot. The medical community agrees that heavy smoking of marijuana over an extended time period could cause lung cancer but as of yet not a single case of cancer has been definitively linked to marijuana smoke. Some users choose to get their THC in pill form to avoid the possible danger to their lungs; others prefer edible treats like brownies, candy and even beverages.


Can You Die From Smoking Weed? - Hidden Dangers

While marijuana itself is anything but harmful there are ways that one could get sick and even die after smoking the herb. For instance, there have been reports of weed "laced" with angel dust (PCP), crystal meth, cocaine and opiates like heroin. This urban legend may have actually happened but this is a highly unlikely situation for a number of reasons. Most marijuana users have a good bead on what their bud should look and smell like; any changes from the norm would immediately send up red flags. People who sell pot are unlikely to add unwanted substances to the bag of bud because it would be costly and it would likely decrease their client list. At any rate, only smokers with allergic reactions to the above drugs would get sick or die; the majority of people would simply have a bad experience.


Other dangers surround the use of marijuana but the majority, if not all, of these dangers stem from society's misunderstanding of the plant and our country's outdated policies and laws. Only time will tell how this saga plays out within our nation's borders.

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INTEGRIS Health: Hospitals, Clinics & Doctors Oklahoma City & OK - INTEGRIS OK

INTEGRIS Health: Hospitals, Clinics & Doctors Oklahoma City & OK - INTEGRIS OK | Weird Health Issues |
INTEGRIS Health is Oklahoma’s largest health system with hospitals, doctors' clinics, centers of excellence and home health agencies throughout the state.


Why Do My Ears Itch?

Ears can become very itchy due to a number of reasons. However, a lot of people are used to creating their own explanations as to why do the ears itch. For some, itching on the right ears means that someone is saying good or nice things about you. However, itching on the left ear means that people are saying bad things about. Of course, this explanation or rationale has no scientific or medical basis. In fact, this is created by people just to have fun. Nevertheless, it is still very important for people to know the true reasons as to why do my ears itch.

Possible Cause: Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear is actually a very common cause of ear itching. This condition is commonly observed among swimmers since this involves the contamination of the ears with dirty or infected water. Aside from clogging, water that access the inner ears can also cause itching and irritation. Because of this, swimmer’s ear is something that should not be taken for granted. If necessary, a doctor should be sought to aid in the draining of fluids from the ear.

Possible Cause: Reduced amount of Ear Wax

Most people think that ear wax is dirt that should be completely removed from the ears. However, ear wax or cerumen in medical terms is produced naturally by the ears in order to provide protection. This wax prevents small particles and foreign bodies to come in contact with the inner structures of the ear. Because of this, it helps trap dirt and avoids the possibility of infection. However, a lot of people are used to getting rid of all the ear wax from their ears. Because of this, the outer lining of the ear canal is openly exposed to dirt, which can lead to dryness, itching and irritation. Although removing ear wax is a good part of personal hygiene, people should also be aware that this wax is also produced because it provides a lot of benefits. In addition to this, people should also make use of proper materials in cleaning their ears. This will help reduce damage and irritation, which can also be a caused of ear itching.

Possible Cause: Psoriasis

Another possible cause of ear itching is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a very common skin disease or problem that is considered to be hereditary. This can be seen in any part of the body and it usually causes the production of scaly rashes and white flakes. Once this condition affects the ears, it can cause blockage of the ear canal, which can also create itching. Most of the time, doctors would recommend the use of topical creams to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.

Possible Cause: Seborrheic Dermatitis

Just like psoriasis, seborrheir dermatitis is also another example of a skin disease. This chronic condition can cause the ears to itch and become inflamed. Most of the time, this condition is caused by a yeast found inside the ears called Melassezia. Because of this, experts would usually prescribe their patients to use antifungal medications to treat the condition and topical steroidal drugs to reduce the inflammation caused by this condition. This problem as well as the other problems mentioned above are some of the common causes of ear itching. If any of these problems is suspected, immediate management must be done.
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Swollen lymph nodes -

Swollen lymph nodes - | Weird Health Issues |
Swollen lymph nodes — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of this common medical complaint. (@angelporrino Swollen lymph node is your body fighting an infection. In rare cases, cancer.
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