National Debt Graph by President | Why don't you move to France? |

Recently during an exchange prompted by my comparison of Conservatives use of the word Socialism for everything Obama & Democratic to the State of the Country that by definition is more closely related (in my opinion) to Facisim, I was confronted and eventually told to "Move to France" (that was after I was accused of comparing the US to Nazi Germany and told quite point of factly that the individual "wouldn't stand for that")


I let myself get to worked up and outraged against the (percieved) ignorance of the other point of view. First of all, I don't know what these people have against France, but I really don't want to move to France as I would rather stay in my Country and attempt to make it better by convincing these "ignorant" people that they should at least think about why they make these obviously wrong claims.


I had posted data and charts to my Social Media page that quite clearly ilustrated factual data that completely refuted most of the claims that the other side use as proof of the Country's slide to Socialism. At any rate, I made this topic to present that same data. The core of the information comes from a website that I really like to refer to to help me clarify my own understanding of these different topics and points of view. 


The first graph that I am posting here is National Debt by President which clearly points out how much National Debt was created or left by different Presidents. Here is a link to the main page of zFacts - a great resource provided by Steven Stoft: