why diving the red sea !?
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why diving the red sea !?
the red sea is known as the diver's heaven for what it has granted of undersea treasur's . there are four main touristic and travelling cities along the cost line in the egyptian teritory , which named as hurghada , marsa allam , sharm el sheikh and dahb on the gulf of aqaba , as well port sudan in the sudanies property souther of egypt . all along the red sea , you can discover amazing dive site's with defferant inhabitants that give's wbery location it's unique taste for traveller's and diver's alike . also there are plenty of other water sport's , like kite and wind surf and water sking and paraglading .. each of these cities is well know of it's unique and amazing night life for specialy western and eastern european traveller's and diver's . as well the red sea has it's unique motor yacht's that takes you to deep sea dive site's full of massive amount's of all kind of underwater species and coral's and the high chance of seeing the big stuff like hammer head's , oceanic shark's and dolphines , as well turtles and manaties . . considering the red sea from budget wise , it has all level of serve's from 7 star's hotel's tell the camp ground . a 2300 km of shore line to serve you :-) interested in knowing more even log on to www.redseafrog.com or e-mail us a detailed request to redseafrog2010@hotmail.com
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