Whitney Houston, another addicted superstar suffers a tragic death | Whitney Houston: Tragic Death | Scoop.it
Is music superstar Whitney Houston's death the latest in a long, tragic string of losses to prescription drugs?


1. The tragic death of Whitney Houston.

2. She had been drinking the night before.

Houston has had repeated trips to rehab.

She was most likely manifesting anxiety.

She has openly admitted to having problems with drugs and alcohol.

3. An opinion is not stated, but the writer seems respectful towards Houston and those involved.

4. The writer does not state his/her opinion directly, but he/she seems very respectful and uses only facts to write the article.

6. The columnist is very careful about what they write and uses facts to back up every piece of information in the article.

7. An adult wanting real information about the death of Whitney Houston, not the writer's opinion on the situation.

8. Enough fact is given. The article is understandable.