What about MOOCs?
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What about MOOCs?
About MOOCs
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Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education

Daphne Koller is enticing top universities to put their most intriguing courses online for free -- not just as a service, but as a way to research how people...
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c16 mins = personalisation

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Why Do Students Enroll in (But Don’t Complete) MOOC Courses? | MindShift

Why Do Students Enroll in (But Don’t Complete) MOOC Courses? | MindShift | What about MOOCs? | Scoop.it
Less than 10 percent of MOOC students, on average, complete a course. That's the conclusion of Katy Jordan of Open University, who published her analysis, pul

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Patricia LeClaire's comment, April 8, 2013 12:50 PM
I've enrolled in two MOOC courses - partly because the topics were relevant to my work, but also to experience a MOOC from the "inside" as both a student and an instructional designer. I was particularly interested in opportunities for interaction (student-instructor, student-student, student-content, student-technology) and collaboration.

In one course, focused on a subject area with which I'm very familiar, students formed virtual groups around mutual interests and professional objectives, developed projects which were evaluated according to clear guidelines, and the projects were made available to all enrollees.. This course also had very active student-generated discussions on focused topics. What characterized this MOOC was the flexibility provided to the students for creating multiple ways to interact and collaborate.

The second MOOC focused on topics that were highly technical and mostly how-to with little discussion of why-to. Interaction among students was considerably less, and I was unsuccessful in either forming or joining a group (virtual or F2F local) to expand my understanding of context and implementation issues. While the content was interesting ( I particularly liked the video lectures and animations), I found it a much more isolating experience and did not complete the course.
ManufacturingStories's comment, April 8, 2013 8:33 PM
Pat, thanks for sharing those first hand experiences. Very valuable insights!
Dawne Tortorella's curator insight, April 10, 2013 8:02 PM

This blog post does discuss some reasons why students enroll in MOOCs, but doesn't really talk much about why they drop out. 


One big reason - FRUSTRATION.  When a learner gets stuck and can't get individualized meaningful feedback, it creates a failed learning experience. I think we discount how important those personal encounters are in helping learners.