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Thinking Of Doing Your Own Welding?

Thinking Of Doing Your Own Welding? | Weld Shop | Scoop.it
Hazards Of Aluminum Welding Done By Amateurs
Aluminum welding gases and fumes can be hazardous to your health, should you not have the correct protective clothing.
Matthew Petersen's curator insight, April 28, 2015 3:04 AM

Metal Fume fever is an illness that some Boiler Makers may feel from too much exposure to certain chemical fumes; some examples of these are zinc oxide (ZnO) & magnesium oxide (MgO).  Below I have listed some prevention methods that are used in a boiler maker’s day to day routine to help combat Metal Fume Fever.


Substitution: Because certain ingredients that are used when creating welding electrodes actually contribute to fuming and gases a business operator may look to buy from certain manufacturers that substitute the hazardous ingredients from their product.


Engineering controls: There is a method that is used to help prevent ultraviolet radiation from coming into contact with oxygen and creating ozone. In this method a mesh shroud is attached around the welding flame with a small viewing hole for the boiler maker. By making this shroud out of stainless steel it creates a barrier against the ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore adding extra layers to the shroud strengthens the barrier.  


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