A weekly workout plan is the best way to get the most out of new fitness–making you look and feel better. Read on and we’ll help you create the perfect workout! Weekly Workout Plan for New Fitness A weekly fitness plan is an amazing way to stay healthy in a freeing way. By learning what workout schedule works best for you, your fitness will never be the same! Why should I have a workout schedule? Your body deserves more than wasted time and it looks the best glistening as you flex it in front of the mirror, not while you’re standing around looking for something to do. By getting your body in a fitness routine, you will start to see results quicker. An exercise schedule also keeps your body from getting too sore after a workout, having torn muscles, or getting unproportionate results. What does the best fitness workout schedule look like? While you plan a fitness workout, you need to keep in mind what YOUR body can handle. Everyone is different and pushing your body farther than what it needs, does more harm than good. You can know if your exercise plan is too much if you are overly sore, especially on one part of your body. By watching your body in the mirror go through the motions, you can take notice of the unusual and let off a little. If you notice this happening, step back and reevaluate the fitness plan. Your body will thank you and your workout will be more enjoyable!