Web Traffic Loss
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Web Traffic Loss
Lost traffic and don't know what to do?
Curated by Lee Carnegie
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Scooped by Lee Carnegie

Starting with Search Engines

Search engines are what makes the web useable. When you want to find information about something you go to your favourite search engine and type in...
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Scooped by Lee Carnegie

Simple steps for website traffic if you’ve ever experienced loss

Simple steps for website traffic that helped me significantly 


I started Groovy Mail in 2011 and for the first few months I had lots of traffic (to me) but aparrently it was low for traffic standards to a website. But it was bliss to me I had traffic coming towards my groundbreaking new website and I was pleased. The only thing was I needed better quality traffic and despite my best efforts I couldn’t really increase my traffic sources. Then I made a significant changes to my website in January 2012 which stuck me in the Google ‘sandbox’. It was pretty depressing within 4 weeks I completely dropped off from google search with 0 traffic reports towards my website. I searched the web for solutions and here is what I found:


Google Webmaster Tools:

Index my pages

re-write my robots.txt file

Upload my site maps


Yahoo and Bing webmaster Tools:

Sitemap submission

Index my pages


Attracta Seo Tools:

Sitemap submission across all search engines

Blacklisting checks

Linking checks


SEO Yoast:

Tag rewrites

Meta Tag uploads

Page analysis


Social Media:

Artice uploads

Directory uploads across the web. But still no traffic and then I found this article on problogger.net:



At this stage I had nothing to loose and started the process as advised in the article by problogger.net


Step 1: Well loved directory upload and tags back.


” I joined Technorati and made my profile, verified my blog: J8VWB4GCDB6T and started manually making Technorati tags. I tagged every key word in each of my posts. Initially I did this manually but them I learned a WordPress plugin called SimpleTags that made the job a whole lot simpler. I found that by tagging my post effectively they were getting a lot more attention then their untagged counterparts, and as an added advantage I was getting focused, quality traffic to the site!


Step 2: Feedburner headline animator blocks


I leveraged my existing website. I’ve been running my business website for a few years and that was getting modest levels of traffic that was relevant to my blog – so why not try to drive some of that to my new blog! I placed a few FeedBurner headline animator blocks on some of my most well loved pages and after a day or so I noticed a significant increase in traffic for 5 minutes worth of work on my part.


Step 3: Trackback links to well loved sites


Finally, I made effective use of trackback links to well loved sites. If I commented on a post on another site I would make sure that I set up the appropriate trackback for it. The results from this are varied depending on the site and post that you are linking to but since I liked to comment and interact with the wider blogosphere anyway, it was free traffic!


Low and behold it worked! I got my traffic back to my website and it was better than ever!

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