The Role Of UX In Designing Your Website Content - SmashingMagazine | Web Designer Freelance |

From the article: "As important a role as design plays in the perception of and reaction to your content, people still argue that a user experience cannot truly be designed.


Of course, the user ultimately decides how they engage with any design.


If the goal of a design is to convert every single user into a customer, then failure is the only outcome.


We can, however, design an experience that connects immediately with a target audience, delivers information with a clear tone and purpose, and encourages a response."


This in the essence is what "UX" or "user experience" is all about. 

This in-depth article from SmashingMagazine touches on some of the key aspects of creating effective user experiences by providing many visual examples and references.

Recommended. 8/10. 

Via Robin Good