As mobile device usage continues to grow, developers need to ensure that their mobile websites are fast and offer a high quality experience for all users. A fast mobile website can be the difference between winning or losing a customer. A few seconds delay in your page load time and you might find that users to your site easily become frustrated and navigate away to another site...or even worse, your competitors site!

Developers understand the need for fast, smooth websites - but how do you apply this to a mobile website and the vast amount of mobile devices out there? This talk is aimed at all developers that build websites and will dive into basic and advanced web performance techniques - there is something for everyone! The talk also covers free tools that developers can use to test and profile the performance of their mobile websites.

This talk will cover a variety of performance related issues specifically aimed at mobile websites and the techniques that developers can use to overcome them and will include:

- Mobile Network Overhead
- Critical Path Rendering
- Basic web performance techniques
- Responsive images
- Performance build automation
- Mobile Website profiling and debugging tools
- A step by step website optimization

Via Jan Hesse