Faster AngularJS Rendering (AngularJS and ReactJS) | |

Have you used AngularJs and ran into some performance problems? Using ReactJs rendering becomes much faster. A small examples explains how to use ReactJs for rendering in AngularJs and a comparison is made between native rendering and rendering using ReactJs.

I like AngularJS. I use it when I do some little fun projects and I use it professionally in large Web apps. I tried other frameworks as well, likeBackboneJS and EmberJS, which both are great tools as well. All three of them belong to the class of MVC frameworks (or MVVC whatever you want o call them). But whenever I used any of such a tool I always ran and still run into the same problem: Rendering performance of lists of items. Two way binding or one-way binding makes no real difference. For me BackboneJS had better performance for rendering than AngularJS. Lets put that on the back of two-way binding.

Via William delmas