waterless toilet
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waterless toilet
Nowadays, waterless toilets are in trend. Switching to waterless toilets can not only save the precious water but it will also give a lot of benefits in our everyday life. Flush handle is the most common way of spreading the bacteria to hands. A waterless toilet prevents the need for a flush handle which in turn reduces the bacterial growth. It also eliminates the foul smell coming from the sewer lines. If these toilets are installed properly then it will not have any smell. As per the studies urine coming out of our body does not allow the bacterial growth, but when it is exposed to water and air it enhances the bacterial growth. Human waste contains some harmful bacteria which can pollute the surrounding water and air. It is very dangerous for our environment. This supports the various bacterial diseases which is very harmful for the human health. Waterless toilets are designed in such a way that it minimizes the air exposure. This makes both the urinal and the surrounding air fresh. In other words we can say that these toilets support extra hygiene which is very beneficial to our health. Visit: www.sun-mar.com.au
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