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I bought some stocks last year through a company called Sustainable Investments, which I have since learned is a boiler room scam. I found a website called "economic Frauds - economicfrauds.com that claimed to help victims of economic fraud and I filled in my details. They were looking for me to pay $150 in legal fees up front to join a legal case against Sustainable Investments. However I became suspicious of them because despite calling themselves “Economic Frauds” there is no partnership or company name details and their address is a PO Box. The only human being listed on the website is their CEO Emilia Chidester, who is not a lawyer and the whole thing just didn’t “feel” right. When I looked a littel further i found this blog post - http://economicfraudsscam.blog.com/2012/04/19/warning-a gainst-%E2%80%9Ceconomic-frauds%E2%80%9D-economicfrauds -com-%E2%80%93-a-scam-website/ Any assistance would be appreciated