A small locale in the south west of London among the suburbs, New Malden is found in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames with slight overlaps into the London Borough of Merton. Close to Raynes Park, Surbiton and Kingston upon Thames, the area is a popular location for commuters who work in central London but wish to have more for their money - with a studio flat often costing the same as a four-bedroom house in the country. The birth of the suburb is considered to be because of the arrival of the railway in 1846. Dating back to the middle of the nineteenth century, there stands a roundabout with a fountain. It may seem slightly odd, but it was originally used as a source of drinking water by horses of the era. The area, less than ten miles from Charing Cross, still uses the railway station that was erected over 160 years ago and services are provided by South West Trains to London Waterloo, for example.

What makes New Malden stand out from other suburb towns in the area is its large community of South Koreans. In fact, it plays host to the largest expatriate of South Koreans in europe, and outside South Korea is one of the most populated areas of Koreans, in terms of density. It is thought there are around 20,000 South Koreans living in the borough with over 8,000 living in New Malden. Because of this, there is a varied selection of cuisine available, and it’s not too often that you come across a Korean restaurant, so why not spice things up a little bit for your date with an escort in New Malden and think outside the box. One particular restaurant that has received routinely great reviews, not just for a great location for a date with a New Malden escort, but a combination of contributing factors. In south west London you will find Han restaurant, easily spelt and easily pronounceable - we don’t think you’ll have a hard time explaining to the people at New Malden escorts where you want to meet your date for the evening. In traditional eastern style, the restaurant combines Korean fusion cooking with karaoke - but rules apply that to do karaoke there is a three drink minimum. Serving pho fans and noodle nuts, the restaurant has sunken tables with floor-level seating, so we suggest to any girls maybe not wearing a skin tight dress that makes it hard to sit down in. But with a warm setting comprising of dark wood, and being served traditional barbecue dishes, it doesn’t get more yummy than this. They also rely heavily on the authentic tastes of South Korean culture, so you can relax in the knowledge that this is as genuine as they come.

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