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Virology News
Topical news snippets about viruses that affect people.  And other things. Like Led Zeppelin. And zombies B-)
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Scooped by Ed Rybicki
May 13, 2013 1:33 PM!

Fears grow over deadly new virus

Fears grow over deadly new virus | Virology News |
The World Health Organization warns that it appears "increasingly" likely that the new coronavirus can be passed between people in close contact.
Ed Rybicki's insight:

Yet ANOTHER damn virus to worry about...B-(  Thanks, Ken Yaw Agyeman-Badu!

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Scooped by Ed Rybicki
March 16, 2013 6:10 AM!

Coronavirus: is this the next pandemic?

Coronavirus: is this the next pandemic? | Virology News |
Last September a doctor in a Saudi hospital was fired for reporting a new, deadly strain of the coronavirus.
Ed Rybicki's insight:

It could be, it could just be, that this is not alarmist - that it is, in fact, a sober warning for what could be coming.  The Middle East is now a world air transport hub; there is a LOT more movement of people in and out of it, and of livestock into it, than ever before - so time may be ripe for the emergence of a new threat to humans.


Let's hope not....

Stephen Korsman's comment, March 16, 2013 8:06 AM
Fired??? And the "HIV can be cured" lot are NOT fired??
Mitch Saruwatari's curator insight, June 6, 2013 9:40 AM

Great intuitive medicine and shared information helped identify and better define the scope of this outbreak.  However, it's sad there are still organizations such as the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health that choose to ignore the early signs of potentially global infectious agents.