Video Marketing Tips
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Video Marketing Tips
Useful tips about video marketing.
Curated by Mike Larson
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4 Powerful Screencasting Tools for 2012 Video Demonstration | My Converters

4 Powerful Screencasting Tools for 2012 Video Demonstration | My Converters | Video Marketing Tips |
A new year means new opportunity. And on marketing promotion, video marketing is the opportunity.
In 2012, more and more products and services will be promoted via video demonstration. In this case, how to create attractive videos to win the new battle?
Here are several excellent and popular tools you must need if you’re going to create competitive video demonstrations
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3 Dead Simple Video Marketing Tips

3 Dead Simple Video Marketing Tips | Video Marketing Tips |
In this blog post, we cover three dead simple video marketing tips you can use to grow your business.
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3 Things You Should Know About Video Marketing

3 Things You Should Know About Video Marketing | Video Marketing Tips |

Video marketing is really not a new hot topic to the business growth, although it is still an early technology. So you should harry up to join the team and create a hot video to be one of the early beneficiaries.

But, there 3 things you should know about it first.

  • Why video should be on your brand's to-do list?

Online video leads to higher conversions and sales. It is said that visitors who view product videos are 85 percent more likely to buy than visitors who do not. And it’s enough to say that people love watching online videos (for instance, In August 2011, 85.8 percent of the U.S. internet audience viewed online video) and every single available metric indicates this trend is going to continue dramatically.

Besides those data, video increases the likelihood of sharing, and allows business owners to form an unprecedented emotional connection with customers. Visitors who view videos are significantly more likely to make a purchase than those who do not. And those who watch videos are less likely to abandon a shopping cart or return a product.

That’s the big reason you should create video for your business.

  • What is successful business video?

For video marketing, “video” is not enough yet. It should be a compelling video.
That means, whether your video is designed to PRESell, educate or to entertain, you must do everything possible to ensure that once your visitor clicks the “play” button, she is going to stick around to the end. You should make your audience like your video first, and then deliver the credibility to them.

And the key of video marketing is always the attractive video itself.

However, creating an attractive enough video is not that simple. And if you do not plan to pay professional video producer for special design video, it will be even more difficult.

So what you could do is to make the video as creative as possible.

  • How to make creative video? See the example.

For introducing a method of converting videos, it used to record a video tutorial. It is indeed useful but, boring. How to promote your tutorial or product better? How to make your video tutorial audience clicks the “play” button and stick around to the end just like we discussed above?

Searching a fresh way, tried to produce a cartoon video guide of which inspiration was from the hot TV series The Big Bang Theory.
The cartoon video was published on YouTube and it got thousands of views and many likes after a week. Some audiences left comments on this video and asked how it was created.

Well, a creative video always created following those steps:

1. Idea.
Brain storm is useful when you need a great idea about video creation.

2. Plan.
Detailed plan is very important for the whole creative video creation. You need to make sure what exactly characters you want and what exactly actions you want them to do. As accurate as the hair color and walking speed.

3. Design.
It usually takes a long time to decide which design of those many different drafts is the closest one to the original plan. (So the plan work mentioned before is really important.)

4. Tutorial.
Cartoon is just the opening and the main part should be still focused on the tutorial itself. Make your point as clear as possible. Share the guide in an easy and honest way.

5. Voice.
As for the voice in this video, it sounded strange but lovely, right? You can’t imagine it, they used Talking Tom!

6. Convert.
YouTube is of course the top platform for sharing your video. Since it only allow you to upload FLV and AVI video, this cartoon video and maybe your video also, needs to be converted into FLV or AVI format by some free video converter software.

This whole cartoon video used several software tools including Adobe Flash, Camtasia Studio, and Sothink Video Converter. It is determined to attract to video software users and The Big Bang Theory fans. And it definitely will attract more.

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