Venture Capital in CEE
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Rescooped by Adrian Szumski from Peer2Politics!

Open Source Hardware

Open Source Hardware | Venture Capital in CEE |

Why make this open source? We don’t want you to have to ask permission before you hack the way a MeeBlip sounds, or make one to sell to a friend. We want you to just dive in and do it. We want people using MeeBlips to be able to share modifications with each other. We think that’ll make the MeeBlip better – better-sounding, more useful, more crazy. We hope you’ll include MeeBlip sounds in other projects, or learn from it in your own work.

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Adrian Szumski's insight:

Open Source is powerful business model or philosophy of acting and sharing

Scooped by Adrian Szumski!

Poland - Factors to Watch on May 28 - Reuters

Poland - Factors to Watch on May 28
Here are news stories, press reports and events to watch which may affect Poland's financial markets on Wednesday.
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Good start

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