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Rescooped by Yash Varma from Tech Trends and Innovation Impacting Global Higher Education!

2015 Internet Trends Report

2015 Internet Trends Report | technology strategy |
2015 Internet Trends Report | Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

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Rescooped by Yash Varma from Video Breakthroughs!

BBC's Technology Strategy Update: summary road maps

BBC's Technology Strategy Update: summary road maps | technology strategy |

The technology strategy describes the BBC's intent to leverage technologies such as virtualisation, cloud and consumer technologies but the next step was to translate those ambitions into specific areas of technology to start achieving them. We identified 35 different areas of technology and set out to create an individual roadmap or strategy for each. The roadmaps cover all major areas from core infrastructure such as networks and data centres through to content production technology and audience facing such as Red Button and online search.

An observation that came from developing the strategies is the importance of enterprise architecture. The BBC is at a tipping point where integration is the focus for both our content production and our enterprise systems. Integration will enable the BBC to deliver efficiencies and better ways of working but it's not trivial to deliver. For the BBC to achieve its goals the role of architectural frameworks, interoperability standards (such as minimal metadata standards) and shared services are vital.

Attached to this blog is a summary of all the individual strategy roadmaps. It should provide you with a view of where the BBC would like to focus its efforts across each area of technology. Achieving many of these ambitions is dependant on the relationship the BBC has with technology partners and the innovation and creativity that exists in the market.

View presentation here :

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