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When the television stations first came on the air in my area of the country, it was probably late 40's, early 50's.  I am sure everyone has heard of the dancing toothpaste images with the jingle ...

1. television and how it has changed over the years

2.where television began

    how it has changed.

    the physical change of the tv set

3.the authors oppinion is that tv has taken a drastic change

4."And speaking of the world. Our world was never quite the same after that. Such is life. Progress, you know."

6. the author doesnt seem to know if tv has changed for the better or the worst.

7.this article was written for all audiances

8. i think the author uses enough evidance and most of it is common sence stuff that we all aready know like the television started out small and has gotten bigger over the years.


the author talks about how much tv has changed. from the physical change to the veiwers to what and when things are shown. "In fact, we were invited to my brother’s boss’ house so we could see television for the first time. No one had a set then. Just those privileged few who had dared to purchase one of those ‘things’. And it was considered a real folly to do so."