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Local Dimming vs Micro Dimming Technology In Flat Screen TVs
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Top Rated and Best Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Netbooks and Apple computers.

Top Rated and Best Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Netbooks and Apple computers. | TV Technologies |
Sales of tablet computers, desktop computers, notebook computers, netbook computers, laptops, HDTVs and accessories
jenny johnson's insight:

A complete list of the best tablets, laptops, and Asus Computers.  Although I don't necessarily agree with these best rated computing products, the tablet computers are among the most fun family home entertainment electronics by a fair margin.


Asus and Dell are great Windows computers however Apple Computers are the best all the way.  The Macbook Pro and the iMac desktop computers are the best in class and the iPad and iPad mini are high quality tablets.  However price can be an issue to thos with a limited budget as all Mac computers can be pricey.

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Scooped by jenny johnson!

Local Dimming vs Micro Dimming in Flat Screen TVs

Local Dimming vs Micro Dimming in Flat Screen TVs | TV Technologies |

What’s the difference between Local Dimming and Micro Dimming?


I just read this article about the various types of "Dimming" in flat screen TVs. Apparently there are several different types such as Micro Dimming, Local Dimming, Micro Dimming Pro and so on.

If you are in the market for a new flat screen TV, this is a "MUST READ" article before you buy anything.


Read the article below:



"Right now there’s a real fight going on in the Dimming area. Every manufacturer is looking for that perfect black of blacks and whitest of whites. Here’s the difference between all the dimming technologies.

Local Dimming vs Micro Dimming

Local Dimming is when software in the TV can recognize dark and light more efficiently on the screen and can adjust the light output from the backlighting (which are LEDS). Another words, adjust how bright the LEDS are. Kinda like adjusting your bedroom light using that spin knob thingy. But Samsung thought it could go further and they came up with Micro Dimming.

Micro Dimming, according to Samsung, is software using exceptionally fast processors that can instantaneously run algorithms on the information coming from your antennae, cable box, or dish and decide on whether or not to tweak the lights and darks of the picture by adjusting the cells in the liquid crystal display (LCD) itself instead of the actual LEDS. WHEW! That was a mouthful!

It does this by dividing the LCD screen into zones. The Micro Dimming Ultimate divides the screen into app. 600 zones. You may be thinking, that’s a lot of zones, but why should I pay more for micro dimming when local dimming is less expensive and does the same thing? The answer is, they have the same goal, but one should be exceptionally better at the job."


You can find the original article at Plasma vs LCD


I hope you enjoy the article and it helps you make a better buying decision!

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LCD vs LED vs Plasma: LG, Sony and Toshiba All Offer 84 Inch Ultra Definition TVs

LCD vs LED vs Plasma: LG, Sony and Toshiba All Offer 84 Inch Ultra Definition TVs | TV Technologies |
84" UDTVs are now being offered by Toshiba, Sony and LG.


Not only is Ultra Definition TV with it's 4k resolution an amazing feat, but 3 manufacturers are offering UDTVs in 84 inch displays!


2 of the manufactuers should have these technological wonders available on store shelves by the holidays.  They are LG and Sony.  However Toshiba's 84 inch UDTV is not expected to be available until next year sometime.


The TVs that manufactuers are introducing are absolutely amazing.  OLED TVs, Crystal TVs, 4k TVs and even 8k TVs.  Not to mention TVs with display sizes well over 100 inches.  It is mind boggling.

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