Call for Papers

The theme for Australex 2013 is ‘Endangered Words, and Signs of Revival’. Papers may address a wide range of areas associated with lexicography, lexicology, endangered languages, Revival Linguistics, contact linguistics, social empowerment through language, and words, culture and identity. Topics may include dictionaries in Indigenous, minority and other endangered communities, dialectal lexicons, the educational and cultural roles of dictionaries, talknological dictionaries, dictionaries and Native Tongue Title, lexical engineering, and language policy and lexicography. Papers can address controversies such as the ‘Give us authenticity or give us death’ argument and the descriptive/prescriptive debate. Other topics may include learners’ dictionaries, specialist dictionaries, phraseology, proverbs, onomastics and terminology. All welcome.

WHEN: Thursday-Saturday 25-27 July 2013
WHERE: The University of Adelaide, North Terrace, Adelaide City Centre, Australia
Deadline for Abstract Submissions: 1 December 2012
Notification of Acceptance: 1 February 2013