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In the recent months, efforts to combine gamification and training programs in the corporate work environment have been gaining steam. With news such as TrueOffice hitting the headlines and major companies like Deloitte embedding gamified training programs, gamified training is soon becoming the new lingo in corporate speak.


Currently, gamified training are most effective when implementers employ a competitive training environment coupled with a collaborative nature among users. One such company is MyReportPlan which uses a competitive nature in gamification training for its customer service representatives.


Its staff are divided into two teams, each representing the customer side and service representatives. In their respective teams, the customer side would conceive difficult problems for the agents to address as quickly as possible.


Company spokesman John Fraser sums up the purposes of training, “This type of competitive training helps prepare our customer service reps for any type of situation they may find themselves dealing with…It also makes training fun, which ensures that the workers pay attention to it.” As a result, myreportplan has witnessed a 58 percent increase in customer satisfaction after teams that have undergone gamified training.


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Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc