How to Recruit Big Data Talent When You’re Not Google or Facebook | Trade Matters |


As part of a recent study for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Marcus Shingles, an analyst at Deloitte Consulting, surveyed seniors at some of the top university analytics programs about where they wanted to work.  The vast majority indicated a desire to bring their much-sought-after talents to financial and technology companies. Only one graduate said he intended to go into the consumer products goods (CPG) field.


“The best and the brightest in analytics don’t feel treasured in consumer products,” Shingles explains.


In Shingles’ view, this represents a red blinking warning sign: CPG, he says, is at an inflection point where the ever-growing sources of data, such as mobile coupons, will provide the means for companies to differentiate themselves. The winners and losers, he says, will be determined by their use of analytics — and their ability to convince the top analytics talent that they are worth working for.

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