Mobilizing Employees To Become Brand Journalists | ToxNetLab's Blog |

We love to hear good stories. You probably know “that guy” who commands the attention of everyone around him during a dinner party when he’s telling a story. He’s always with an entourage of people laughing and agreeing with just about everything he says. This might explain why when someone is telling you a good story, you may not even realize it. You are too fascinated with the actual story itself. That’s the power of a well-told story.


From a brand standpoint, storytelling allows a company to be “human” and being human is about having a real, honest connection with people, being transparent, responsive and above all accessible. We can all thank social media for that.Your brand must empower employees to become storytellers, or rather brand journalists. Here’s why:...

Via Jeff Domansky, Marco Favero