Five types of leadership storytelling & when to use each | #TRIC para los de LETRAS |

Just how many types of stories are there, you ask? The answer is, as usual, it depends who you ask. Various storytelling aficionados categorize stories in different ways, and there are no hard and fast rules.


These are overviews of each (read the full article for more details and prompts to help you come up with each type of story):

1. Introducing me

2. Conveying values

3. Teaching

4. Jumpstarting action

5. Inspiring


Here's the link to the full article: ;


These 5 broad categories and the examples shared in each are really good and will build a good foundation for leadership storytelling. According to Paul Smith in his forthcoming book on leadership storytelling "Lead With A Story" (August 20112), there are actually 21 different categories/applications for leaders to know about and use.


But this article brings clarity to the topic and will definitely get you started!


Thank you to fellow curator Gimli Goose for this article!

Via Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose), Dr. Karen Dietz, Dennis Richards