Robin Good: Jux is a wonderful and extremely easy-to-use web service which allows you to create a great-looking one-page visual showcase about yourself or about anything that may interest you.


Jux is characterized by a super-simple interface through which you can easily add anyone of this content "containers":
a) a text quote,

b) an article

c) video,

d) images

e) slideshow

f) countdowns and

g) streetviews.
Instagram-like effects can be added to the images you upload and you can ahve as many containers on a page as you want.


A page created with Jux has a natural elegant "feel" to it, as it is very visual and its alternative layout presets make it next-to-impossible to do a bad job.


Excellent for profiles, authors, artists, photographers and video-makers.


Here's my own test page on Jux: ;


Highly recommended. 9/10


Try it out now: 

Via Robin Good