Privacy: “Google Now” Knows More About You Than Your Family Does | #TRIC para los de LETRAS |
The new Google Now feature unveiled this week at the Google I/O developers conference is designed to automatically present the information you need - even before you ask for it.


Google Now aggregates the information Google already collects about you on a daily basis: accessing your email, your calendar, your contacts, your text messages, your location, your shopping habits, your payment history, as well as your choices in music, movies and books. It can even scan your photos and automatically identify them based on their subject, not just the file name (in the Google I/O demo, Google Now correctly found a picture of the Great Pyramid).


About the only aspect of your online life that Google hasn’t apparently assimilated yet is your opinions expressed on Google+. But that’s undoubtedly coming.


“Google Now” Knows More About You Than Your Family Does -


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